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Health supplement that brings nourishment, translucency and luster to your skin.

This health supplement product contains high purity of placental extract powder, vitamin C, and cystine to help improving skin condition or prevention in advance.

It is recommended for those who have great concern about UV damage and skin aging problems. Using together with LNC Placental Skin Care White Series enable a total skin care and improvement.

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[ Nutrition Facts: per 3~4 tablets (0.96~1.26g) ]

Calories 4~5kcal
Protein 0.2~0.3g
Fat 0.03~0.04g
Carbohydrate 0.7~0.9g
Sodium 0.01~0.02g
Vitamin C 376~502mg

Placental Extract 150~200mg
Cystine 120~160mg

[ Ingredients ]

Placental Extract (Porcine), Maltose/Vitamin C, Cellulose, L-Cystine, Yeast Cell Wall (derived from soybean), Calcium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Coloring Agent (Titanium Oxide), Glycerin

[ Content ]

38.4g (320mg × 120 tablets)

[ Application ]

Recommended 3~4 tablets per day with water.