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JBP Nanoneedle was born from the voices of doctors and patients.

The integration of craftsmanship and technology has created this ultra-thin needle to lessen patient discomfort during needling and to minimize hemorrhage and swelling.
Pain and bleeding are successfully reduced during needling by an ultra-thin walled needle which lessens friction resistances by a special process of Micron Sharpness.
It makes possible to inject high viscosity solutions with extra fine needles.



• Mesotherapy
• Placenta injection
• Botox injection
• Collagen injection
• Hyaluronic acid injection
• Local anesthetics

Nanoneedle Ultra-Thin Wall Series


25G Ultra-thin wall
Outer diameter 0.50 mm
Inner diameter 0.40 mm
Gauge Length 13 mm/ 25 mm
100 pcs/ box
27G Ultra-thin wall
Outer diameter 0.40 mm
Inner diameter 0.30 mm
Gauge Length 13 mm / 25 mm
100 pcs/ box
30G Ultra-thin wall
Outer diameter 0.30 mm
Inner diameter 0.20 mm
Gauge Length 4 mm/ 8 mm/ 13 mm
100 pcs/ box

33G Ultra-thin wall
Outer diameter 0.26 mm
Inner diameter 0.16 mm
Gauge Length 4 mm/ 8mm/ 13 mm
100 pcs/ box

34G Ultra-thin wall
Outer diameter 0.20 mm
Inner diameter 0.10 mm
Gauge Length 4 mm / 6mm/ 8 mm
100 pcs/ box


Features of JBP Nanoneedle

(Micron Sharpness)

• Less pain & swelling
• Little bleeding
• Invisible injection marks
• Injectible for high
• Viscosity solution

Comparison of inner and outer diameters between JBP Nanoneedle and conventional needle


Gauge JBP Nanoneedle Conventional needle
Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Inner Diameter
34G  0.20 mm  0.10 mm  -  -
33G  0.26 mm  0.16 mm  0.26 mm  0.10 mm
30G  0.30 mm  0.20 mm  0.30 mm  0.15 mm
27G  0.40 mm  0.30 mm  0.41 mm  0.21 mm
25G  0.50 mm  0.40 mm  0.51 mm  0.26 mm



Comparison of injection marks between JBP Nanoneedle and a conventional needle