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Longer effect than normal PDO thread

Bidirectional Cogged PDO Thread for more available anchoring effect in skin tissue to stimulate collagen production and facial lifting up and elasticity.

Stronger Lifting. Longer effect. Easier to Learn for Doctors.

- Using expensive "A" Type hub to facilitate operation.
- The Korea's first CE acquisition.
- Immediate lifting effect by Bi-directional thread.

[ Features ]

• It’s a new “A” type of threads that have cogs which lie in two directions and “open up” when implanted into the subcutaneous tissue and “tugged” into place.
• This is considered much less invasive than traditional mid-face or face and brow lifts, requiring much less operating and recovery time.
• Initial results can be more dramatic after one or two times treatment and may even improve for over 6 months than normal PDO thread.
• The best results are achieved in combination with wrinkle fillers, fat transfer or laser resurfacing and JBP V Line and results can be variable.
• Strong lifting with smaller number of needles
• Longer effect than normal PDO thread
• Easier to learn because of less surgical treatment


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24 EA (12 EA x 2 Packs)