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Radically New Approach for Anti-Aging Treatment.

Very little pain, swelling and injection mark. Patients can make up just after the treatment.
Suture dissolves naturally and harmlessly in the skin.

What is JBP V Lift?

• Embedding therapy needle with absorbable suture (PDO)
• Injecting several dozen of needles on cheeks by one
• After pulling needles out, the inserted suture stay into the skin
• Stimulate the hypodermal tissue and increase collagen synthesis

Efficacies of JBP V Lift Treatment

1. Rapid Face Lifting
2. Skin Rejuvenating with vitality and elasticity
3. Activate collagen production
4. Improvement of fine wrinkles, nasolabial fold and sagging skin
5. No “Down Time” for injection
6. Continuing Effect: 6-8 months

The product lineup of JBP V Lift

Gauge Size Needle Length Thread Length Thread USP Size
31G 30 mm 30 mm 7-0
29G 40 mm 50 mm 6-0
29G 50 mm 70 mm 6-0
27G 60 mm 90 mm 5-0
25G 90 mm 150 mm 5-0

Enable to use different variety depending on patient’s condition and request.

Show Quick Face Lifting Effect without “Surgical” treatment


• Fine needle grinding
• Minimized pain
• Smooth injection
• Fixed material for suture (No need to hold suture during treatment)
• Easy to treat at accurate point
• Use absorbable suture (the thickness of a hair) within 6-8 months harmlessly
• Safe material (Non-toxic / Non-pyrogenic / Heavy metal free)


Quantity 100 EA (25EA x 4 Pack)