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JBP NanoCannula Box

JBP NanoCannula : Thin-Walled

A new generation of cannulas are designed to reduce the damage of hypodermal tissues.

Advantage of JBP NanoCannula Treatment:
- Less downtime and less internal bleeding
- Less stress without pain

"Just feel the Nano difference!"


 The characters to inject smoothly and decrease pain….

1. Thin walled cannula with wide inner diameter helps inject with less resistance.

2. The cutting edge of cannula hole is micro-polished with special technology.

3. Each Punching needle is designed for less pain and damage to skin tissues.

JBP NanoCannula Size Punching Needle Size
30G Outer Diameter(0.30mm) x 25mm length 27G
27G Outer Diameter(0.40mm) x 40mm length 26G
27G Outer Diameter(0.40mm) x 50mm length 26G
25G Outer Diameter(0.50mm) x 50mm length 23G
25G Outer Diameter(0.50mm) x 70mm length 23G
23G Outer Diameter(0.65mm) x 50mm length 22G
23G Outer Diameter(0.65mm) x 70mm length 22G
22G Outer Diameter(0.70mm) x 50mm length 21G
22G Outer Diameter(0.70mm) x 70mm length 21G
21G Outer Diameter(0.80mm) x 50mm length 21G
21G Outer Diameter(0.80mm) x 70mm length 21G


11 different sizes (lengths, diameters and internal calibration)are carefully adapted according to the treated areas, the direction and the depth of injection.