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JBP Placental Extract suppresses the generation of the melanin pigment and gives your skin brightness.

While collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin produced by the activated fibroblast growth factor make your skin elastic. GHC Lotion protects your skin, effective to whitening, damage by U.V. stress, dryness, and aging.

A deep moisturizer to be used after facial cleansing which produces moist, fresh skin.

Placental extract combined with the moisturizing ingredients of hyaluronic acid, and ceramide. This lotion protects your skin from stress and drying. It is also effectively used for whitening and anti-aging.


Ingredients per bottle

Active ingredient
Placental Extract
Hyaluronic Acid


Lotion, 30mL


To be used after a thorough facial cleanse with GHC Brightening Soap. Place a large drop into the center of your palm. Using the opposite hand, take a bit of the solution onto your finger and gently pat against all areas of your face. Try not to rub the lotion into your skin too hard as that may cause stress on your skin especially if it is dry.


Please Note:

While the soap may leave your skin feeling clean and moist, please use GHC Lotion on your skin to give it an extra layer of protection against dry or humid air.