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The perfect drink to support the health and beauty of women.

Contains antioxidants good for maintaining healthy skin.
Each bottle contains only 8kcal.
Please drink one bottle a day for the best results.

In addition to JBP Placental Extract (Equine),
Alifter contains various ingredients good for
your health and skin conditions.

Moisturizing, Supple Skin, and Luster

- Collagen

- Hyaluronic Acid

- Elsatin

Healthy Skin

- Ceramide

- Vitamin B2

- Vitamin C


- Resveratol

- Astaxanthin

Moisture, Antioxidants, and Healthy Skin

- Placental Extract

[ Active Ingredients ]

Placental Extract (Equine), Fish Collagen Peptide (Gelatin), Elastin Hydrolysates, Elephant Roots Extract, Grape Extract, Vitamin C, Cyclic Oligosaccharide, Haematococcus Algae Color, Vitamin B2

[ Content ]

50mL x 10 bottles/ box

[ Application ]

1 bottle per day