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SAFETY of JBP Placental Extract (Human)

Safety Scheme of JBP Placental Extract (Human)

  1. Donor Screening
    • Negatives for all virus & bacteria tests
    • Screening by Donor’s overseas stay experience
    • Consent by Donor
  2. Acceptance Inspection Testing
  3. Sterilization by 3 Different Methods
  4. Product Specification Testing for Viruses

Donor Screening + Donor’s Consent

Virus & Bacteria Testing

Donor must show “negative” for all of:

  1. HBV
  2. HCV
  3. HIV

in addition to: treponema pallidum, gonorrhea, TB, etc.

Donor’s Overseas Stay Experience

To minimize probability of exposure to BSE, Donor must not have stayed  in any of 7 European countries  for 6 months+ (1 day+ for United Kingdom & France) since January 1980.

Acceptance Inspection Testing

Individual inspection by weight, colour, smell, etc.


NAT testing for HBV-DNA, HCV-RNA, HIV-1-RNA of all samples.
Virus testing methods are all validated accordingly.



Sterilization Employing 3 Different Methods

  1. With organic solvent
  2. With digestive enzyme+acid processing
  3. With 121℃×20 minute autoclave (final sterilization)
    All sterilization methods and processes are validated by spiking.

Product Specification Testing for Viruses

  1. HBV
  2. HCV
  3. HIV
  4. HTLV
  5. Parvovirus-B19

Product specification testing must show “negative” for all 5 viruses above, before approved for clearance.Testing methods and procedures are all validated by spiking of respective viruses.

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Sterilizaion, combining
several different

Viral testing at contracted
re-tested at factory

Viral testing of finished