A thank-you message from Japan Bio Products



Currently we all have a common emergency situation to face as COVID-19 pandemic continues to increase pressure over our societies around the world. We, JBP would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and express our greatest gratitude to the medical professionals as well as every frontline workers that are risking their lives to fight against this pandemic for us.


In addition, we would also like to give appreciation to our partners around the world who are triumphing over supply chain disruptions by ongoingly providing our pharmaceutical products to the patients in need. As pharmaceutical company, we fully realizing how crucial of the safe day-to-day delivery of medicine, through the production of medical supplies in our time of need.


We strongly believe that this critical period will soon be through, so let’s support one another, even though we cannot see each other in person, or shake our hands. The borders between countries may seem so far, in reality are very near. So let us stay united, stay connected, THANK YOU!


Yours Sincerely,

Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd.