Notice of Fake App


“Checkifreal” is the only smartphone app to authenticate JBP product.


Recently there has been an abundance of imitation JBP products on the market in Asian countries.

It has come to our attention that fake authentication system exists in the market to confuse users.

However, it is easy to see through their despicable trick. All you need to do is: Download and scan the security label with “Checkifreal” App ONLY.

How to Authenticate JBP Products (open in new tab)

Users tend to use typical QR code reader apps but that will NOT work with our security labels.

On the other hand, you shall get this result by scanning typical QR code with “Checkifreal”, which proves its counterfeit.

Our security label is able to distinguish and prevent counterfeit merchandise, ONLY if you scan the QR code with “Checkifreal”.

Following is the FAKE result we discovered which scanned with typical QR Code reader App: