Laennec and Curacen are now officially available in EU


As of the 3rd of July 2019, Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. and Mawdsleys International has entered into Supply Agreement of Laennec® and Curacen® for the territory of European Union (EU) under Named Patient Program (NPP).

Under the Supply Agreement, Mawdsleys shall support regional medical doctors to legally import our Laennec® and Curacen® to other member state of EU under NPP.

NPP is a special regulatory pathway of EU, allowing patients with unmet medical needs to access innovative drugs that are approved in other regions or in the late clinical development.

NPP is initiated by an individual medical doctor or a medical team for a certain patient. Mawdsleys will assist such doctors in application, documentation and logistics of our drugs under NPP.


For those medical doctors who reside in European Union member state and wishes to prescribe Laennec® or Curacen® to your patient, please contact Mawdsleys via e-mail at for details such as application or prices.


Who is Mawdsleys?

Founded in 1825, Mawdsleys is a privately-owned pharmaceutical services company based in the UK with operations in Brazil and Israel. We deliver a wide range of services to both the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector through our main business areas which include: Named Patient Medicines (delivering global named patient programmes), Product Licensing and Market Access (In the EU, LATAM and Middle East regions), UK Wholesale (largest independent wholesaler to UK hospitals), UK Pre-wholesale (3PL and 4PL services in the UK), LUTO (healthcare communications) and Positive Solutions (pharmacy IT systems).


Who is Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd.?

Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. is a Japanese biopharmaceutical company established in 1954, committed in R&D, production, registration, sales and marketing of highest quality placenta based products. Its offering ranges from ethical pharmaceutical injections to nutritional supplements to cosmetics. All products use placenta which has been processed with its uncompromised pharmaceutical grade proprietary production technology.


What is Laennec®?

Laennec is an ethical pharmaceutical injection made from human placental extract for improvement of hepatic function for chronic hepatitis disease. The product has been first approved by Japanese FDA in 1974. Since then, the product has gradually expanded its geographic approval and marketing presence to such countries as Korea, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Armenia, Cambodia and Myanmar.

The product utilizes proprietary enzymatic treatment to ensure maximum preservation of active peptides and proteins contained in the placenta.


What is Curacen®?

Curacen® is an ethical pharmaceutical injection made from human placental extract with benzyl alcohol as an inactive ingredient for soothing. The placenta is subjected to hydrochloric acid treatment which processes majority of large molecules into small pieces of amino acids. The product is approved for improvement of symptoms of climacteric syndrome in Korea.