UPDATE – ATTENTION: Counterfeit Items


ATTENTION: Japan Bio Products does NOT sell our Laennec products online.

- Laennec is an ethical drug being sold to doctors only and is designed for medical purposes. It is NOT sold online.
- Laennec PO has never been and will not be sold online.
- Various fake JBP products are being sold online and contain unknown substances within the product itself. Since they are unknown they may contain viruses, bacteria, or other materials that can lead to unwanted effects or complications.
- We do not take responsibility for the products purchased off the internet.


We have recently been informed of a scam website claiming to sell our product Laennec in Russia and the surrounding areas.

The website and company follows: http://laennec-placenta.com/


Japan Bio Products has NO CONNECTION with this company.


We have also been informed of the following scam websites in China and Russia selling fake JBP Products.

We have NO affiliation with these websites:






We have NO affiliation with these websites. We DO NOT sell our Laennec Inj., Laennec P.O. products online:







Seller ID: than-duvow

Seller ID: thailand.rich



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