Notice of Update to Laennec Inj Packaging


Notice for Change in Product Style (Laennec Inj)


We have begun shipping Laennec Injection with a hologram security sticker from Korea. The sticker’s sample is shown below.


The security sticker will be placed on every lot starting with Lot 30529 (EXP2018.01.27).


The following image is a sample image of the hologram on the box

New Laennec Inj Box with sticker as of January 2015

1 changes color when moved from horizontal to vertical.

2 changes color when moved from left to right.


Consuming and/or injecting fake Laennec products can possibly lead to various negative consequences. Please always purchase Laennec and JBP products from certified distributors in your country.


Laennec Inj has never been and will never be sold on the internet.


We thank you for your time and patronage.