Notice in Update of Laennec PO Packaging


Notice for Change of Product Style (Laennec PO)

As of 2015, all boxes of Laennec PO (starting with Lot No. 2018.03 and so on) have a security hologram pasted on the side to combat counterfeit items.


The following image is a sample image of the hologram on the box

New Security Image for Laennec PO


1 changes color when moved from horizontal to vertical.

2 changes color when moved from left to right.

Due to the large amount of fraudulent Laennec PO, JBP has decided to begin the production of these security seals for the safety of our customers and clients. Please check for the security seal before consuming the product.


Consuming fake and counterfeit versions of Laennec PO can have severe negative health effects.


Please always purchase genuine products from proper distributors and doctors.


Laennec PO is has never been and never will be sold on the internet.

JBP thanks you for your time and consideration.